■It is a high-performance general-purpose type of AlCrN coating adoption, which was developed
 in general steel milling.
■In addition, it is available to be satisfied with the wide range of work materials, copper alloy,
 aluminum alloy and heat-treated steel.

■High hardness material from the middle hardness material processing by AlCrSiN coating adoption
 for heat-treated steel milling.
■In a high-speed milling, we promise processing efficiency and outstanding durability.

■TiAlSiN coating adoption for high hardness, realize the overwhelming high efficiency and long life
 in high-speed cutting demonstrated heat resistance and excellent abrasion resistance.
■by droplet removal process, the cutting burden of a tool is reduced, and a tool life is getting longger.

■Was greatly enhanced emission of waste cut by excellent high hardness, low coefficient of friction,
 wear resistance, to adopt its own shape.

■We promise high efficiency milling for graphite electrode and aluminum alloy.

■ZR series adopt a special shape that specializes in hard brittle material processing
 and medical zirconia frame.
■ZR series have a great deal of praise from a number of different companies in the medical market
 artificial teeth and artificial joints.

■Adaptable coating for general purpose.


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